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BA Marketing ADMS ADMB

Advanced Diplomas in Marketing and Events Management

Advanced Diplomas in Marketing and Events Management

Course Objectives:

The Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Event Management is designed to enable participants to develop an Innovative and Multi-Skilled Approach in Planning and Coordinating events. The field of event planning and management encompasses a wide array of business, social, cultural, educational, sport, music, and political activities. From private parties and promotional events to massive conventions and city-wide celebrations, these are just a few of the roles available in the field of event management.

The program urther compliments the logistic part of a event to how to promote and to market the event successfully with a significant emphasis on the knowledge, the skills and the understanding of promoting an event and building a substantial Public Relations network.

The Advanced Diploma offers by ABRS lead you to a direct entry to our Honours Bachelor Degree in Marketing (Stage 3) upon successful completion and passed our advanced diploma. Students with advanced standing qualification can exempt a maximum of 60 credits (ie. 3 modules) from our 120 credits program.

Modules Module Name
1 Administrative Management of Resources
2  Managing Marketing
3  Marketing Communication & Promotion
4 Managing Key Business Events
5  Consumer Behaviour
6  Marketing Plan & Proposal
*Each of them are 20 credits.

Admission Requirement:

  1. possess a Diploma or a Certificate in Marketing or related disciplines, OR
  2. possess a Degree or Higher Diploma in non-business fields with 3 years appropriate work experience, OR
  3. managerial / supervisory / administrative experience with age over 23 yrs old & over 2 years business experience, OR
  4. possess an associate degree, professional diploma, higher certificate in marketing / related disciplines (may have 60 credits exemption on our Advanced Diploma) OR
  5. other appropriate / equivalent qualifications

The Advanced Diploma in Marketing with any specific stream will last from 6 to 12 months depending on your entry qualifications / pace of schedule. Each module consists of 20+ face-to-face lectures hours, an assignment and a 2 to 3-hours examination per module.

Enquiry (報名及查詢):
We will have more Information Sessions coming up, please contact us on 2598 4811.

Course Details:
Advanced Diplomas in Maketing & Event Info Sheet

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