Company Secretary and Corporate Administration

Business and Administrative Management and
Company Secretary & Corporate Administration

Course Objectives:

A series of courses in 12 -18 months to prepare for related career and also with internal and/or external professional examinations

May apply for external examination of ICSA / HKICS, the leading internationally recognised company secretary professional body, after fulfilling further admission requirement,

Advancement path towards University of Greenwich BA Business final year, or other programmes with advanced standing, or entry towards Postgraduate degrees (subject to final application approval)

Develop corporate administration, governance, regulatory compliance and meeting / reporting skills

Largely map to IAM and HKICS/ICSA* Syllabus (*a UK/HK based company secretary professional organization)

Modules Module Name
1  Administrative Management of Resources
2  Corporate Human Resource Management & Administration
3  Strategic Issues in Administration
4  HK Company Law & Practice
5  Administrative Systems in the Organization
6  Corporate Governance (half unit)
7  Business Law
8  Financial Accounting (half unit)
9  Accounting Decision Making

Admission requirement :

  1. A recognized university degree or equivalent in ANY disciplines
  2. Higher Diploma or equivalent in non-business fields with 3 years appropriate work experience, or
  3. Poly/IVE/College Certificate, Diploma, Higher Certificate or Associate Degree (in related field), or
  4. Managerial/Supervisory/Experience Entry: *Candidates aged over 25 years old and with over 4 years managerial / supervisory / business experience plus F5+ education background may be admitted subject to approval
  5. Those who intend to sit for HKICS need to possess a degree qualification prior to examination registration and admission.

9 modules to be completed in 12 months

Enquiry (報名及查詢):
We will have more Information Sessions coming up, please contact us on 2598 4811.

Course Details:

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