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Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance

Advanced Diploma in Accounting
& Finance
University of Greenwich, UK

Course Objectives:

This comprehensive advanced diploma program in Accounting and Finance aims to train and to bridge professionals in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or to those who are intending to pursue a career in this financial and accounting fields.

This program consists of series of lectures, tutorials and examinations to develop candidates with practical skills and contemporary knowledge on the most needed competency required by the industry.

Hong Kong, as the leading financial centre in the world, is the bathing ground for many companies, financial products and activities. As a result, ample careers and business opportunities arise from the finance and accounting areas in Hong Kong.

Modules Module Name
1  Business Law (Paper 1)  
2  Financial Accounting (Paper 2)        
3  Information Systems (Paper 3)
4  Business Taxation (Paper 4)
5  Management Accounting (Paper 5)
6  Financial Reporting (Paper 6)

Admission Requirement:

  1. Diploma or Higher certificate or Associated degree in accounting / finance from one the recognized technical institutes / universities, or
  2. passed or exempted ACCA Level 1, or
  3. passed or exempted CIMA papers 1, 4 & 7, or
  4. passed or exempted minimum 5 papers from HKAAT plus other qualification, or
  5. Higher Diploma or equivalent in other disciplines with strong accounting / finance background and work experience, or
  6. passed AIA modules A & B, or
  7. mature candidate 5 years of solid accounting / finance working experience and proven academic / professional background

The Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance will last from 4 months to 9 months depending on your entry qualifications. Each module consists of around 40 face-to-face lectures hours, an assignment and a 3-hours examination

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