MA Human Resources Management

Master of Arts Human Resourse Management
The National University of Ireland

Course Objectives:

The MA Human Resoruce Management programme explores the key issues in human resrouce management. It seeks to raise the level of analysis in public and private sectors of human resource management and to eqip students with comprehensive expert skills necessary for today's HR professionals to effectively manage their people.

Successful candidates who have completed coursework at similar level are exempted* 180 credits from the following modules:

Modules Module Name  
1  Research Method (15 credits) Core
2  Employment Law (15 credits) Core
3 Human Resource Strategy (15 credits)* Core
4 Economics (15 credits) Core
5 Finance (15 credits) Core
6 Managing Human Resources (15 credits) Core
7 Managing Service Delivery (15 credits) Core
8 Organization and Strategy (15 credits) Core
9 Managing People (15 credits)* Core
10 Dissertation (45 credits) Core
* 3 requires 8 as pre-requisite and 9 requires 6 as pre-requisite

Admission Requirement:

  1. A good first degree from a recognized university locally or overseas in any discipline, OR
  2. Practicing HR / Management / Operation / Company or Executive secretaries / professionals without a first degree but with appropriate prior qualifications and relevant working experience,OR
  3. Open Entry for mature candidates with minimum 4 years commercial working experience, OR
  4. Students below 25 years of age with either an Honours Primary Degree or a diploma plus 1 years of commercial working experience,OR
  5. And, acceptable English Proficiency at GCE O level or equivalent via prior education is required. Applicants graduated with a tertiary qualification conducted in English will meet the English Proficiency requirement.

The minimum completion time is 15 months and the maximum is THREE years

Enquiry (報名及查詢):
We will have more Information Sessions coming up, please contact us on 2598 4811.

Course Details:
MA Human Resourse Management Info Sheet

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