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Diploma in Accounting & Finance

Diploma in Accounting
& Finance
University of Greenwich, UK

Course Objectives:

This start-up diploma program in Accounting aims to lay a solid foundation on accounting and financial concepts to embark on a semi-professional accounting career or to further their study.


The program provides an all-round accounting and financial training for effective business process, information management and communication

Modules Module Name
1  Financial Accounting 1
2  Financial Accounting 2
3  Accounting for Decision Making
4  Managing People in Organization
5  Legal Issues for Accountants
6  Business Communication
7  Accounting Information System
8  Info Systems Planning & Control

Program 4:

  1. A-levels qualifications, or
  2. Certifications in accounting / finance areas from one of the recognized technical institutes /        universities, or
  3. LCCI intermediate / higher Level, or
  4. mature candidate with age 19 or above with accounting / finance working experience and Form 5 qualification, or
  5. other academic / professional background will be assessed on case by case basis, or
  6. Form 5 graduates with FIVE passes in the HKCEE, or
  7. Graduates of Yin Jin Program; or
  8. Any publicly recognized qualifications equivalent to the above

The Diploma in Accounting and Finance will last from  8 to 12 months depending on your entry qualifications / pace of schedule. Each module consists of 15+ to 40+ face-to-face lectures hours, an assignment and a 1 to 3-hours examination per module

Enquiry (報名及查詢):
We will have more Information Sessions coming up, please contact us on 2598 4811.

Course Details:
http://www.abrs.com.hk/index/Insert_UGW_DIA_Fin_Program_Diploma_06Oct_v3_Latest.pdf Useful Link:

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