Master of Science in Information Systems Management

Master of Science in Information
Systems Management
University of Greenwich, UK

Course Objectives:

This PostGraduate Exemption Entry path  offers candidates who hold an NCC PostGraduate / Professional Diploma in Strategic Business IT direct entry to the Research Methods & Project Stage either on–Campus or off-Campus at approved study centre. 


Successful candidates who have completed coursework at similar level are exempted* 120 credits from the following modules:

Modules Module Name  
1  Audit and Security (15 credits) Core
2  Information, Methods, and Culture (15 credits) Core
3 Systems Planning and Management (15 credits) Core
4 Internet & Intranet Technologies (Enterprise Systems) (15 credits) Option
5 Systems Modelling (15 credits) Option
6 Strategic IT in e-Business (15 credits) Option
7 Strategic IT in e-Marketing (15 credits) Option
8 Data Warehousing (15 credits) Option
9 Internet & Web Technologies (Open Source Systems) (15 credits)  

Research Methods &    Project      (total  15 + 45 credits)


Admission Requirement:

  1. A good first degree from a recognized university locally or overseas, or
  2. Practicing IT professionals without a first degree but with appropriate prior qualifications and relevant working experience of no less than 7 years of relevant work experience, or
  3. Acceptable English Proficiency at GCE O level or equivalent via prior education is required

The minimum completion time is 15 months and the maximum is FOUR years

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