Diploma in computing

Diploma in computing
University of Greenwich, UK

Course Objectives:

Admission to the pre-courses require some basic but solid technical knowledge about computer (such as Device / Software Driver, BIOS, or hardware configuration assembly)

And some basic web / operating system and programming concept (how a computer program operates, codes, procedures, commands, some knowledge about technicality of an operating system, technical features of a web browser, java scripts…cookie, router security....)

Modules Module Name
1  Contemporary Programming
2  Server and Networking Practices
3  Database Design and Admin Intro
4  An integrated technical project

Program 4:

  1. any A Level study, or b) or post F.5 Certificate or Diploma study in ANY field, with some demonstrated technical IT experience or education, or
  2. Age 21 plus at least one year technical IT experience, plus F.5 education with a pass in one of : English or Maths or Physics
Schedule Pattern – three modules plus one mini project to be completed in 4 – 6 months

Enquiry (報名及查詢):
We will have more Information Sessions coming up, please contact us on 2598 4811.

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