Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)

Course Objectives:

Originated as a UK government qualification, BTEC is broadly recognized as an alternative path to A level for career and university admission. It is a work-related qualification which provides practical trainings of professional knowledge and skills for a specific profession. Students can be equipped with industrial knowledge and practical skills that help them in the work place. BTECS can be taken alongside, or in place of A levels.

  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma specialist qualifications for students with a clear view of their future career or seeking progression to higher education

Commencement : Autumn (Late Sept/ Early Oct), Spring (Feb) & Summer (July)
Duration :

Full time : 6-8 months
Part time : 8-10 months/ 12-16 months
Full time 一年制 (6-8個月)
Part Time 一年/ 兩年制 (a. 8-10個月, b. 12-16個月)
Subject(s) to study : Usually one subject to be taken alongside of A level

Subjects :

1. Business
2. Engineering

Admission requirement :

This course is assessed by coursework rather than examinations. It is usually assessed through assignments that are both set and marked by our teacher.

  • Aged over 16
  • Mathematics and English at F.4 Level
  • Relevant subject study is preferred at same level is preferred


  • Full time : 6-8 months
  • Part time : 8-10 months/ 12-16 months

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